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Find A Photographer has a set of banner ads appearing on the search page. These ads are on a randomly generated rotation so that every time the search page loads in someone's browser, any combination of the current banners is generated and displayed.

Banner ads are of your own design and include a link to your web site - thereby creating yet another high quality lead for search engines in addition to making you that much more visible to our site's visitors.

Banner Ads are $50 per year if you have an active Find A Photographer account and $75 per year for all others. Additional banners can be added to the rotation for $25 each.

We reserve the right to reject banners we deem to be of poor taste or otherwise inappropriate for our audience.

In order to maximize the frequency in which each banner ad is randomly included in the rotation, only a limited number of slots are available.
To inquire about buying a banner ad, availability and to receive specifications, please contact us by email.

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